Friday, March 11, 2011

Be Unique With Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

I had decided to propose my sweetheart in same spring 2009 as my brother was planning to propose his girl, and to make it even more exciting we made a strange bet about the most important step in preparations. Some people may find this extremely stupid; laying bets about such an important matter. You could be right, but the bet was made. It proved to be a win-win, since the benefactors would be our girlfriends and the second price winner, who would get another memorable event to his collections, was going to be one of us. The task was that who would find the most beautiful Asscher Cut engagement rings as there was to be found on this planet. First price winner could take her loved one to the Le Bernardin restaurant for a amazing dinner paid by "the other guy", while the second prize winner would be having fun at the BargeMusic listening to Mahler's Fourth Symphony, wearing a giant magic rabbit dress. Final verdict was going to be given my four year old cousin, whose dream was to be princess someday, and she was very interested in all kinds of diamonds.

Rival of mine was going to do the search in old fashion way and went from one jeweler's store to another, for two months. I think that is not a best way to find what you are looking for nowadays. What you see is what you get, right? For that reason I decided to first look what I can find from the internet, because running all over town is very time consuming and results are seldom satisfactory. You can see a great variety of rings in shorter period of time. I made a choice of top three rings and then I took out shopping, but I soon found out that the price was higher, than in one big and trustworthy online jeweler store, so I ended up ordering the ring online. The ring was delivered to me very fast, and proved to be everything that I wanted in fire, shine and uniqueness.

I decided to get 1.50 Ct Asscher Cut Diamond Swirl. My rival had purchased similar ring, but with 1.25ct stone. It was time to hear the verdict. After examining the rings long and very carefully, she finally made up her mind.

While we were having the best dinner of my life with my special lady, people were having an culture experience in a form of beautiful melodies at the Avery Fisher Hall composed by a genius. Somewhere in a middle of the hall was sitting one giant rabbit pondering about Asscher Cut engagement rings, while listening the great music.